Friday, January 13, 2012

Problems at Haughmond

Hi everyone

It's been a while since I blogged but Polly and I have been lured away to the delights of Haughmond!! However I just wanted to give you a warning, and ask for help. There is a man who is there about 8am-9am every morning, he has two big ridgeback dogs, and they have been attacking dogs. They have had a go at Polly, who is in no way aggressive herself, and I had to grab one of the dogs as the owner didn't seem to feel inclined to do it himself.

The police have been told a number of times by a large number of people, and have done nothing other than 'talk' to him, he still keeps coming. He has said he know's no one can stop him, he has threatened one person with them. I know a number of people have changed the time of their walk.

Although Haughmond is a lovely place to go, and nothing will stop me walking there I tend to time my walks so as to miss him. Does anyone know what can be done to stop this owner for allowing his dogs to attack other's. I have no problem with him taking his dog's there if he keeps them under control, as I am sure others don't.