Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pastures new...

It's been a while since we've seen a lot of you (assuming anyone is still out there in blogland...) and even longer since we posted here. This is just a short note to say more of an "au revoir" than a "goodbye". I'd also like to thank you for your company and conversation during what has been a very happy period in our lives. We'll pop back to the field every now and again, and maybe set some meetings up via the blog, if it keeps going. We'll continue to post details of our new adventures and new destinations and hope to keep up to speed with life on Castle Walk. We had our first evening stroll last night and a couple of shots I took are below - hope you like them. It was a glorious evening, and Archie was far more interested in the swallows than any of the FOUR hares we saw. Blog soon, take it easy and thanks again. A&L&A

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it just Labradors?

Is it just Leroy or are all Labradors always hungry?

I spent the morning in contented domestic bliss making the bread for the week ahead before Andy, Molly, Leroy and I went to the Long Mynd to have a picnic in the sunshine and watched the gliders riding the thermals.

When we got home, the bread which was now lovely and plump and risen to perfection ready for the oven (such a satisfying moment and much improved thanks to Brompton Cookery School Lessons). The loaves were placed in the oven and baked to their golden loveliness and when the it was done the bread was left on the kitchen side to cool.

The house smelt of delicious fresh bread and unfortuntely, the temptation proved too great for Leroy who sneaked out of the lounge and took one of the 1kg loaves from the kitchen side and devoured the lot!

Now I don't know about you, but it's hard not to get angry with a dog who has just eaten the bread that you have lovingly spend 2-hours of your weekend making, however; the poor little man. His initial lip smacking satisfaction quickly turned to discomfort as his belly began to take on the might of 1kg of granary bread and drinking water just made the situation worse. Do you take your dog to the vet for eating too much bread?....

Google is such a great tool when you're not too sure if a loaf can kill! When typing in 'dog ate loaf of bread' into the search engine, it is quite unbelievable how incredibly common this occurance seems to be. Advice differed massively from 'take your dog immediately to the vet' to 'don't feed him anything for 24 hrs' (not that he could physically fit any more food in). On advice from vets24 (or something of that ilk) we went with the majority opinion posted by vets to let him ride it out... not pleasant.

I must say that you would thing that Leroy would have learnt his lesson after his stomach was stretched to capacity, but alas no! Today he had managed to open and devour an entire 24 hour ration pack; 7000+ calories in one sitting - this dog can sniff out any morsel of food at 1000 yds!

The moral of this story is simple - Labradors are ALWAYS hungry, so lock up your lunch!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Greyhound Rescue Shropshire and Borders

Great British Greyhound Walk

Great British Greyhound Walk at The Quarry in Shrewsbury. 11am-1:30pm. Refreshments will be provided after the walk for a small donation. The idea is that on 26 June 2011 we have as many greyhounds and lurchers walking together all over the country, bringing owners together regardless of where their hound has been homed from, to celebrate greyhounds, to raise awareness of greyhounds and to promote greyhounds as pets in a BIG way. All sighthound breeds are welcome.
Link to the website http://www.greatbritishgreyhoundwalk.btck.co.uk/

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UFO sighting over Castle Walk!!!

Turns out it was just our 'Eye in the Sky' Anth, and Graham taking a spin in a
plane over 'The Walk' on Sunday night, whatever next.
If you look very closely you can just make out Anths huge grey lens hanging out of the window!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Different Angle...

Graham (Polo's owner) very generously took me flying today in an attempt to get a different angle on our little dog walking heaven. Thankfully, we got up there between the showers and were rewarded with some stunning views and lots of really interesting shots. I thought I'd post this one as a little taster as I tried to get as many of our streets in as possible. I'll edit a few more and hope to share them in the next few days. Hope everyone's well and thanks again to all concerned with Steve's birthday do yesterday. It's been a great weekend. Cheers Graham!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun in (and with!) Dandelions...

Two new pics for you today; Jack and Archie thoroughly enjoyed each other's company over the weekend, and all of the dandelions in full bloom certainly added a lovely splash of colour to the field. Not content with that, Archie took it upon himself yesterday to take his desire to organise EVERYTHING in his world one step further, by attempting to catch every single seed on the wind... I love my dog, but he's an odd one!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Refreshing Spaniel shower...

Ollie got his own back on Lily last night for all her recent Spaniel baiting, with a good old shake down, straight in her face! It's fantastic to see all the dogs getting wet and loving the cracking weather we've been enjoying, long may it continue. Happy Easter to one and all.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello fellow walkers, are we still quizzing tonight?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY Grooming...

Just a snippet of dialogue from yesterday afternoon...

Steve (the human one) addressing Biff the terrier: "Who cut YOUR hair?"

Beulah: "I did!"

Biff just looked on forlornly. I'm guessing it's not what he asked for and there was probably no tip...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harold "Dylan" Lloyd

Dylan has been bad, really bad. Now he is usually pretty bad so no big news there, his behaviour is a bit like the old saying used by husbands throughout the land “I am always in the mire it’s just the depth that varies”

Yes he is famous at home as the “muffin snatcher”, he likes a club biscuit (don’t we all), croissants, eggs, mince pies basically anything that is found in a breadbin or left within reach of his snout. Yes, he runs like a loon barking at everyone, yes, he runs off, but the other day he took the biscuit (metaphorically rather than Sarah’s club biscuits) and ran on to the railway tracks! Hannah and James were walking him so they were stuck in a very precarious position near the tracks with the (friendly) signal man shouting from his box that Dylan should get off the track quickly as a train was due in one minute. Much panic and coaxing of the one eyed idiot ensued, Dylan ambled very, very slowly without a care in the world across the mesh of rails whilst the distant train bore down on him. Sandy, Coco and Sophie were running a book on his chances and there was a lot money on Dylan meeting the 3.20 from Crewe. Needless to say Dylan made it across the tracks to safety, Hannah and James breathed a sigh of relief and managed to deliver him home.

I was talking to Anth abou this earlier today and he likened the situation to an old black and white Harold Lloyd style movie which sort of summed Dylans life up, at least he does his own stunts like Harold Lloyd. So this got me thinking, Dylan has many guises such as the Artful Dodger, Harold Lloyd and I tend to think of him like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben because of the way appears as if by magic.

So I thought it might be interesting to find out what famous characters the owners of the other dogs on the walk think their pooch(es) reminds them of. We have loads of characters for our pack of dogs what are yours?

PS. I hope the injury improves Anth. Anth is suffering from housemaids knee from taking all those great pictures for us, he should be back to light jogging soon now his fitness and motivational coach is back.

PPS. Sorry Nick, I know I pinched your excellent photo but as you can see I have added some fantastic photoshop work turning Dylan into Harold Lloyd

2 Jokes for April

Why are dogs such bad dancers?.....................Because they have 2 left feet!
What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?............... A collie flower!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Might not be around...

It will be hit and miss if I can get down with Steve, if at all, so don't think I am abandoning you all.

We are having to walk the dogs separately for the next 2 weeks and Andy will be walking Steve and it will be later than I did. I will be doing short 5-10 min strolls 3/4 times a day with Kira. Poor girlie went through major surgery on Monday at Liverpool Uni Small Animal Hospital, she had Pyometra, one thing I have always dreaded because she was unspayed. Because of the heart condition she had, it was a very high risk her having anaesthetic, hence why the op was carried out at Liverpool and not the vets. She had a full cardio check-up first so they knew how much gas to give her. Her heart appeared and acted normal on the scan and ECG, so she must be in remission with it.

She has pulled through the op remarkably well for her age and I brought her home yesterday, I was first told she would be there 3-4 days but both surgeons were chuffed with how she came through it.

I thought the phantom preggie she was having was different to how it usually was, so got her to the vets and then the referral to Liverpool.... thank goodness for pet insurance though

See you all soon and I expect I will have been worn to a frazzle by then keeping Steve away from Kira


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Talking of the Severn... here's a pic!

Dogs and their toys are far more interesting to look at than humans with theirs!

It must be love

Had one of those, it must be love moments this morning.

I was greeted at early o'clock by three puddles of cold, wet, dog sick (too much grass and River Severn water I suspect) which, given my current circumstances, was quite a challenge to clean up! Whilst cleaning, bleaching and binning the evidence through severely gritted teeth all I could think was - this is love...

Funny how Jim managed to miss the sick and go to work oblivious!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The best a man can get.

Could Anth be any happier than in this picture? Big new lens in one hand, whilst being snogged by an adorable Border Collie pup, doesn't get much better than than this for our resident Canine Paparazzo! Keep up the good work mate. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Good Time Had By All

Steve got up close and personal with Jay and Wilson this afternoon as everyone, including Polo (see below) got on really well and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. ALL of the dogs were impeccably behaved and gave Steve the BC, Fergus the Border Terrier and Jack the Collie a generous and warm welcome. Myself and Arch really enjoyed the company and it was great to meet some new faces. Being such a friendly tri-colour, Steve reminded me a lot of Noggin, who is not having the best of times at the moment. We hope to see him again soon as the Border Collie community just keeps on growing and growing! More pics on Flickr btw. See you soon. A&A

nice walk till the end

today was the second time iv been down for a while and really enjoyed my self good few dogs and plenty of people including kids, all the dogs really enjoyed it, polo didnt know what do with her self. sadly it came time to leave and polo went of with kayleigh and i slowley followed with chatting at the same time, when i walked round the corner i saw a lady with two chilldren and polo, i shouted polo and then the lady hit her and i run over and was greated by two crying kids and a very angry woman screeming at me that polo had just bitten one of her chilldren, now anyone that has ever met polo or seen her that day will no that she wouldnt do that, so it all got a bit heated so i just walked on and ignored her to stop making a seen but unfortunatly and i do appoligise for this but the lady said she will be ringing the council to report the "out of controll dogs that over come the field when it is for kids" im sorry if this affects any one in any way and so i can argue my/are case if the council get involved i gave her my name, number and adress, and if i thought slightly that polo had bitten some one i would have her at the vets as soon as possible, i would not have a dog i was unsure about around my 2 year old

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi I'm Lynne and I have 2 dogs, Kira an 8 yr old GSD and Steve a 22 week old tri-colour Border Collie. I have fostered lots of dogs over the last 3 / 4 years and regularly dog sit my daughter's Staffie X. I never intended to adopt a dog because of Kira's age and the fact she has Hip Dysplasia. I went to Moorlands to take pics of the litter of 5 x 9½ week old BC pups and ended up reserving one!

We have been to Castle Walk a couple of times but never saw another dog there :-( We usually exercise the dogs either in Meole School playing fields or the fields at the bottom of our road in Meole Village.

Steve would love another dog to play with, Kira does her own thing on a walk and poor Steve just runs about on his own. He will not fetch a ball or anything else on a walk but will play for ages indoors with a ball. Steve is very friendly and adores people and other dogs... Emma with Ralfie & Bolt will verify this.

Regards Lynne

Monday, March 28, 2011

Quiz anyone?

Jack says it's quiz night again everyone! All welcome, Wednesday night at the Abbey Pub on Monkmoor Road. Quiz starts @ 9pm. C u there 8:30 onwards. Bring your big brains...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Zanzibar the house dog!

Hi All, not posted for ages and ages but I am overseas and have a lot of time on my hands this evening. As some of you know we have a dog over here in Sudan called Zanzi, she is a very good girl but can mischievous. She likes to have her tummy rubbed, plays with her ball and HATES Somalian truck drivers.

The picture was taken outside our house during a rare moment when we could get her to sit and be still.

I think she is the most pampered dog in town, treats, ball, sofa, most dogs here in Juba scavenge on the street, although our neighbours have a very nice but mad dog called Ugly Betty. Mean but sadly appropriate (she is lovely really)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the eye of the beholder..

He's such a handsome chap isn't he old Dylan, and such a joy to watch tearing across the field with his unique, crazed and comical style of running/leaping and swerving - he never fails to make me smile. And earlier this week he was very obliging in letting me take this portrait of him in one of his rarer static moments!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knee Deep in Hounds

I met the South Shropshire Hunt today and whatever your views, there is no denying the beauty of the Foxhounds as they wait anxiously to get going. Castle Walk has got me used to being surrounded by dogs and it's a great feeling! Obviously I had my camera with me and got some smashing shots of these exceptionally calm and friendly characters. When I got home and onto the field we must have missed you all, so hope everyone's well and maybe catch you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Different Strokes for Different Folks...

Everybody's got their favourite pics from all of those that find their way on to our little blog, but what's yours? With just over 800 views on Flickr, this one from a couple of weeks ago seems to have intrigued quite a lot of people! At the time I thought it was nothing special, but must admit to being pleasantly surprised by the comments and views it has received. Looking at pictures of our dogs and the things they do gives me endless enjoyment and I'm sure it's not just myself and Nick who regularly point our cameras at the 'Castle Walk Pack', so if you have any nice pictures, make sure you share! See you in the week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Getting cute photos of Lydia is somewhat like shooting fish in a barrel, she seems to love the camera. Normally impeccably coiffured, it's nice to see that even she has a bad hair day, still adorable though, I think you'd all agree.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

its been ages since i have been on the blog.There are some great new photos of new dogs.
It was so good to see some familiar faces (Archie and Nick) and Anth and Nick of course!when Inca and I visited castlewalk at the w/e.she had a fab time.Archie was a little amarous and I think poor Lily as a little jealous.No need Lily, you are so gorgeous.
Inca also had the best time when Jackie and Barrie looked after her over half term going to the field daily with Ollie.Its def one of the things we miss the most since moving.We hope to be back soon. Lisa x
Hi all,

Great pictures on the blog. Kobe and I do miss you all.

Allison and Kobe

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make the most of the peace and quiet!

Jack won't be around for a while. He gashed himself on some barbed wire at the weekend - rabbit chasing! He looked magnificent as he ran and then leapt majestically over the fence into the grounds of the Abbey on Haughmond Hill. But his moment of pleasure has consequences and he's off to the vet tomorrow for stitches, ten days rest and lead walking!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shepherd No. 3 in the evening light...

Even though he ruins every single ball Archie ever brings on to the field, he's still a great lad. This shot is obviously not his best side, but I'm quite proud of it all the same. It kind of sums up a pleasant evening on the field. It was a nice place to be tonight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watch out for the 3 nice German Shepherds...

With Teddy and Polo (above), and of course Lloyd George himself, we are lucky to have three fantastic German Shepherds on the walk at the moment. They really are a stunning breed and it's great to see them making friends and mixing so well with the regulars. There was a Spring-like feel to this afternoon and as well as all the running around Archie took it upon himself to take the plunge and show everyone his swimming skills. Wilson was so inspired he jumped right in and quickly earned his 10m badge - which was good news for Jay and Tor as he was absolutely filthy before he went in! Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tag Team Westies...(yesterday)

Wilson the wind-up merchant targetted "the boys" last night and Zak and Fin did their best to keep up with everyone's favourite beagle. I would call it good, clean, fun but those Westies never stay white for long eh Lynn?

Friday, March 4, 2011


brilliant photos Anth.as always! Yes! I have checked the site out as you hinted I should! Zak is thrilled to be seen executing his best stand up pose.... Fin said nothing, but is probably reserving his best for later! As for me...I spend most of the time avoiding collision... why is it always me the dogs seem to aim for??? How about a little respect fot old ladies you young whippersnappers?? Ha Ha See you alll soon

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strictly Castle Walk...

Zak and Lydia doing their thing on the Castle Walk dancefloor this evening! Spectacular moves and genuine talent were on display as Lloyd, Finn, Archie and Leah looked on...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shot of the Day

If I get time, I'm aiming to get a picture a day on the blog. Ideally each picture will have been taken on the same day. No promises though... This is Archie flying in this afternoon's sun. Love it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kai, Rodney and Co.

It was really busy at the weekend, and the ever-so-slightly-warmer weather, meant that the camera was out! New(ish) faces, Kai the Alaskan Malamute, and Rodney the Ridgeback provided bags of energy so "Wee Willy Wilson" was in his element with his Hi-Viz hoop! Missed the majority tonight (saw Ralphie, 'Balti' and TJ) but judging by the amount of sniffing Archie did, a few of you had obviously been about! Great to see some momentum building with the blog and looking forward to Tapas with Andrea the Doberman. Hope you're all up for it and see you soon. P.S. More photos on Flickr - follow the link on the right.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wee Willy Wilson

Thought we'd better put up a post as we read regularly but are guilty of letting others leave content. That said, we're devoid of having anything much interesting to say other than sincere apologies to anyone who experiences Wilson's latest pubescent party piece, peeing on passing people's pumps. (Check out the alliteration of the onomatopoeic letter 'P' - Shakespeare has nothing on this blogger!!)

Looking forward to the birthday bash - Tapas here we come : )

Jay, Tor and Wilson

Reading the blog.

Have to admit I do check the blog most days but havn't posted anything for ages, It was lovely to hear about Charlie waiting for Jim to come home..so sweet. I'm looking forward to see what Nick has taken with his new toy, sorry camera.... apologies to all who Cadbury jumps up at, its very muddy on the field at the moment, this afternoon Cadbury had a sniff at Ben, but poor Ben he had been in the vets this morning after being up shaking all night, he had an ear infection poor thing, so all alone on the field we learn't how to bring a ball back, lots of treats meant we went home with the same ball we arrived with...a first!! Thanks to Anth for his little promt to get us blogging again.

Waiting for a W-A-L-K

Every day at about this time Charlie wakes from his all-day slumber and heads to one of two place - the window in the front room or the hallway - to start his vigil.

A creature of habit, he's used to Jim coming home around this time and waits patiently (ish) for his return. I can set my watch by Charlie and it amuses me everyday. I often think he can hear Jim start the car in Shawbury!

Anyway as soon as Jim comes home, they'll both be down on the field... don't say I didn't warn you!

Emma & Charlie x

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Castle Walk Dog Walkers' Blog!
How do you fancy a group night out to celebrate at the new Tapas bar in town?
Suggested date is Saturday 2nd April. Let me know if you would be interested and I'll book us a table.
Thanks. Andrea & Jack

Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's blog!

Hello all! This is a picture of Archie wondering where you all are... and this is just a quick post from me about... quick posts. It's been quiet on the blog for the last month or so, and after chatting with one or two people, I just want to encourage anyone who still reads this to write the odd line every now and again. Blog posts don't have to be long, they don't have to include pics and they don't have to be funny! A little line about who was out, which characters were doing what etc. etc. is enough to keep this little venture alive and keep everyone in the loop. Since the last post, Ozzy has been confirmed as lost, Lloyd has managed to get a nasty cut on his paw (so that's why we haven't seen much of him lately!) and we've had another quiz at the Abbey and romped home in 2nd place. All this and the light nights are nearly here! Hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Age II

Nick, on the other hand, in the style of Benjamin Button and wearing a cheeky monkey suit, prefers to hitch a ride on Lil! Either way we all get to where we're going! Hope everyone's well out there.

Old age

As Anth and Archie grow old together, Archie starts to become a little lazy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Google Earth Street View

This blurry image was captured by Google Earth and has imortalised this dog and owner on the Street View of our beloved Castle Walk. But who is it? Answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sighthounds and Valentines

I can't see myself and Archie entering the Fancy Dress Competition for best dressed dog and owner, but this looks like a good day out all the same! It's always nice to meet the wonderful dogs of Greyhound Rescue and all funds raised go towards their rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quiz Night Fixture

To save any confusion (or anyone having a 'billy-no-mates' evening at the Abbey), it has been decided that the 'Castlewalkdogblog Quiz Night' will be held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Abbey Pub. Meet @ 8.30, quiz at 9 - starting at the end of Jan.
By order of The Committee

Sunday, January 9, 2011

He's behind you!

We met Blue the Border Collie for the first time today and he was having a great time on what felt very much like a Spring day! That's Archie keeping an eye on things in the background and as you'd expect, he's got a ball that does not belong to him in his mouth. It seems like ages since the sun shone on us and it was lovely to have a little break from the snow and ice. Good chat for the owners as well! Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

liddy&lloyd: liddy&lloyd's first blog

liddy&lloyd: liddy&lloyd's first blog: "Hi , it's Scarlot and Olivia. Just wanted to know what's going on tomorrow at the park. From Cathy's daughters Olivia and Scarlot.P.S Mummy ..."