Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's blog!

Hello all! This is a picture of Archie wondering where you all are... and this is just a quick post from me about... quick posts. It's been quiet on the blog for the last month or so, and after chatting with one or two people, I just want to encourage anyone who still reads this to write the odd line every now and again. Blog posts don't have to be long, they don't have to include pics and they don't have to be funny! A little line about who was out, which characters were doing what etc. etc. is enough to keep this little venture alive and keep everyone in the loop. Since the last post, Ozzy has been confirmed as lost, Lloyd has managed to get a nasty cut on his paw (so that's why we haven't seen much of him lately!) and we've had another quiz at the Abbey and romped home in 2nd place. All this and the light nights are nearly here! Hope to see you all soon.

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