Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it just Labradors?

Is it just Leroy or are all Labradors always hungry?

I spent the morning in contented domestic bliss making the bread for the week ahead before Andy, Molly, Leroy and I went to the Long Mynd to have a picnic in the sunshine and watched the gliders riding the thermals.

When we got home, the bread which was now lovely and plump and risen to perfection ready for the oven (such a satisfying moment and much improved thanks to Brompton Cookery School Lessons). The loaves were placed in the oven and baked to their golden loveliness and when the it was done the bread was left on the kitchen side to cool.

The house smelt of delicious fresh bread and unfortuntely, the temptation proved too great for Leroy who sneaked out of the lounge and took one of the 1kg loaves from the kitchen side and devoured the lot!

Now I don't know about you, but it's hard not to get angry with a dog who has just eaten the bread that you have lovingly spend 2-hours of your weekend making, however; the poor little man. His initial lip smacking satisfaction quickly turned to discomfort as his belly began to take on the might of 1kg of granary bread and drinking water just made the situation worse. Do you take your dog to the vet for eating too much bread?....

Google is such a great tool when you're not too sure if a loaf can kill! When typing in 'dog ate loaf of bread' into the search engine, it is quite unbelievable how incredibly common this occurance seems to be. Advice differed massively from 'take your dog immediately to the vet' to 'don't feed him anything for 24 hrs' (not that he could physically fit any more food in). On advice from vets24 (or something of that ilk) we went with the majority opinion posted by vets to let him ride it out... not pleasant.

I must say that you would thing that Leroy would have learnt his lesson after his stomach was stretched to capacity, but alas no! Today he had managed to open and devour an entire 24 hour ration pack; 7000+ calories in one sitting - this dog can sniff out any morsel of food at 1000 yds!

The moral of this story is simple - Labradors are ALWAYS hungry, so lock up your lunch!


Sarah/Cadbury said...

brilliant story! I bet any of our dogs on the blog would do the same given the chance..3 sausage rolls turned into 2 this morning as I prepared the kids sandwich box's this morning...I must remember to push any foodstuff further back on the worktop next time..sorry Cadbury.

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