Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What a difference 8 months makes! July 2011 was the last time I took Steve to Castle Walk as he was suffering from intermittant lameness and was put on restricted exercise - this turned out to be OCD in both shoulders and he had a double operation carried out at Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital in September, which has been a resounding success. He has had his 'bits' removed, also his ugly rear dew claws removed, he is now fighting fit and raring to go.

As the nights are getting lighter, I took him to Castle Walk late afternoon today and he met an old friend in Bear. Also a newcomer called George, a gorgeous rough coated little 6 month old terrier, owned by Lisa and Mark.

I found it hard to believe just how much Steve had improved and grown up in 8 months, his recall was really good and I didn't have to go chasing after him like last year when he'd follow other dogs/people home. He played and chased for ages with George and Bear later joined in. Could really have done with Anth and his camera there.... I must remember mine next time.

I hope this blog continues and the regular meet-ups occur through the summer months so all the dogs can socialise and have fun.

Lynne (Kira and Steve)

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