Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

Once you were up there, the weather seemed particularly kind, as it was absolutely stunning. However, it's not so kind when it makes it difficult to get there in the first place! The car park was the quietest I have ever seen it at Haughmond, so we weren't too surprised not to see anyone up there. That said, Archie and Lily had a great time anyway and the sausage bap at the bottom was divine! I'm sure we can organise something else another time. All the best. A&A.
p.s. 4 posts in a day is a new record! Keep them coming!
p.p.s. Thanks for the info Jill, thanks for the thanks Bec, and great pies Sarah!
p.p.s.s. Did anyone go to Moorlands?

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