Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quiz Fever and Christmas Cheer

Hi All. Well, assuming anyone still reads this, the school holidays are almost upon us so I might start posting a little more regularly over the next few weeks. This post is actually three in one as given the time of year there's quite a bit going on! Are you still with me... then I'll begin. Firstly the all conquering and newly named Dog and Pheasant quiz CHAMPIONS, "We love Lloydy" are really enjoying their 'quizzing' at the moment (not to mention the good humour, cheeky drinks, and laughter that somehow goes hand-in-hand with the questions), that for one reason or another we are seeking new challenges. Rumour has it that there is a quiz night at the Abbey pub on Monkmoor Road each Monday and Wednesday, not to mention the Dun Cow on a Monday... Several of us were chatting a little this week and were planning on a little 'reccie' this coming Monday and would love it if you could either join us, or let us know a little bit more about the quizzes themselves or what's involved. As soon as a firm plan is in place, I'll post it, but as always, the more, the merrier!

Secondly, this might appeal to the generous and loving Greyhound and Lurcher folks in our group... Yes, more wine, but all for a good cause and given the history of some of our most adorable (Lil) and ever so slightly noisy (Jack the lad) characters, something you might want to consider...
Hounds and Carols!
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Saturday 18th December
@ Moorlands Kennels
Join everyone at the kennels for mulled wine, mince pies, Santa, gifts, Christmas Lights and carols accompanied by a brass band!
Call Sue Tipton on 01743 872395 for more details or e-mail or visit http.// for more info.
...and thirdly, at Lyndsey's place of work there is a big drive to collect dog toys, bedding, food, bowls, leads, old towels, blankets, chews etc. to help out local dogs (and cats) homes this Christmas. I know it's asking a lot and you may already help out elsewhere (Moorlands for example), but if you have got anything extra or feel like donating, catch me on the field some time before the 16th and we can make sure it gets to either Dogs Trust Roden, Hilbrae or if you want to help the felines, Telford Cats Protection. Thanks in anticipation... and that's all from me.
Stay warm and catch up soon.

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tally and jill said...

Hi Anth
Glad to hear that dispite the odds( not referring to the customers) the Dog walkers won. I have a few things to donate will bring them over to the field. Hope to get to Moorlands tomorrow.
Did you get any photos of the ducks walking on the ice great to watch.