Friday, October 8, 2010

Have you ever seen a Black Swan before?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time a black swan, sat proudly on the river Severn by the Grey Friars Bridge, he appeared to be floating off down the river, so as soon as I got home I got Cadbury on the lead and we ran down through the park over the bridge and down to the river at Castle Walk in the hope he had made it to our little part of the river...but no as we made our way looking for him along the toe path, he was still sat at Grey Friars quite happy, I really wished I had Anths' phone number Im sure he could have captured him beautifully but hey!!. so for those who have never seen one, it takes you by surprise to see not only the black feathers but a bright red beak/bill...I have to say it made my day.


Anth said...

Sounds amazing Sarah! I'll have a good look round tomorrow and take my telephoto! Andrea saw an otter last week so it's the official start of Autumnwatch on castle walk!

Nick Turner said...

What a lovely sight, they are infact a separate species to our native Mute Swans and originate from Western Australia, so I'm guessing he/she didn't fly all the way here. More likely it's an escaped bird from a wildfowl centre, stunning looking creature non the less, if anyone is curious as to what they look like here's the one Sarah saw,

Your Teacher said...

I love black swans because they made philosphers and logicians look very silly.