Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello Furry Friends ( & owners)
Well mom has filled me in on the Quiz last night! Firstly mom returned in a sober state(that was different but don,t tell her i said so! ) and The Quiz was much improved and competitor friendly and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.
Afterwards home cooked fare was provided from Sheena(who works behind the bar & is Robbo's fair lady) and my mom,Indian ,chutneys and cakes,sounds lovely BUT no doggy bag i noticed hmmm! humans!!!
Mom said she hoped everyone would attend again next month and it takes place on the first weds of every month for anyone who is interested.
So i,ve had a dip in the river earlier today and i,ll catch that rat next time ,honestly i will ! hmm mom's just added not if she has anything to do with it,we'll see grrrrr! I also lost my new ball on a rope but i blame Pete the rough haired lurcher as i do like him lots and got distracted what can i woof!
A message to Jess & Coda you can dogs in the Dog & Pheasent but they have to be kept on a lead,water and biscuits provided.
We are off now for an early walk as mom's got a meeting to go to so she said she'll catch up with you all tomorrow and at the weekend, woof woof, slurps a plenty ! Sophie !

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Nick Turner said...

It was indeed a cracking night Sophie, and another superb performance from our team 'Best in Breed'. Against stiff competition, and some fiendishly tricky questions, yet again we managed to finish in the top 3! Your moms team did quite well too, aided only by their keen hearing and a very knowledgable team member named Google!!!