Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harold "Dylan" Lloyd

Dylan has been bad, really bad. Now he is usually pretty bad so no big news there, his behaviour is a bit like the old saying used by husbands throughout the land “I am always in the mire it’s just the depth that varies”

Yes he is famous at home as the “muffin snatcher”, he likes a club biscuit (don’t we all), croissants, eggs, mince pies basically anything that is found in a breadbin or left within reach of his snout. Yes, he runs like a loon barking at everyone, yes, he runs off, but the other day he took the biscuit (metaphorically rather than Sarah’s club biscuits) and ran on to the railway tracks! Hannah and James were walking him so they were stuck in a very precarious position near the tracks with the (friendly) signal man shouting from his box that Dylan should get off the track quickly as a train was due in one minute. Much panic and coaxing of the one eyed idiot ensued, Dylan ambled very, very slowly without a care in the world across the mesh of rails whilst the distant train bore down on him. Sandy, Coco and Sophie were running a book on his chances and there was a lot money on Dylan meeting the 3.20 from Crewe. Needless to say Dylan made it across the tracks to safety, Hannah and James breathed a sigh of relief and managed to deliver him home.

I was talking to Anth abou this earlier today and he likened the situation to an old black and white Harold Lloyd style movie which sort of summed Dylans life up, at least he does his own stunts like Harold Lloyd. So this got me thinking, Dylan has many guises such as the Artful Dodger, Harold Lloyd and I tend to think of him like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben because of the way appears as if by magic.

So I thought it might be interesting to find out what famous characters the owners of the other dogs on the walk think their pooch(es) reminds them of. We have loads of characters for our pack of dogs what are yours?

PS. I hope the injury improves Anth. Anth is suffering from housemaids knee from taking all those great pictures for us, he should be back to light jogging soon now his fitness and motivational coach is back.

PPS. Sorry Nick, I know I pinched your excellent photo but as you can see I have added some fantastic photoshop work turning Dylan into Harold Lloyd

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Anth said...

Excellent work Stuart, and the knee's feeling a lot better, thank you very much!