Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have just noticed all these pictures of my mates who I meet when I take my pet for a walk. I am not sure that the one of me has my best side, but still not bad for a human - you should encourage that Archie, its good for them to have something to do. These human's just won't sit still, mine is always up down, wandering around - goodness knows what she would be like if I didn't take her for a walk. It's good to socialise them and she gets to meet other humans and I get stuck in with my friends. The humans like to through balls, so we chase after them, they love it, you should see there little faces, its almost as if there ears are pricked! I know some say its silly to dogise them, but sometimes its so difficult not to.

Now I am writing for a little bit of advice, I am having a problem with an infestation of birds - it doesn't matter how much I bark and chase after them they keep coming back, has any dog got any advice? Even worse while I was in the park the other day there was a shark flying around, I kept out of that, some of the others seemed to know what they were doing - in fact Jack managed to get it, but got tangled up in its tail - one to watch if you ever think of catching one yourself. Well done Jack, that took some courage, sharks can be very unpredictable around humans, thankfully they did not seem to understand the danger they were in, you don't want a pack of frightened humans on your hands, no matter how well trained they are.

Talking about getting some exercise, I better get this one out she is beginning to look ready, she's got her little singing box out, one of her favourite toys, she chatters away to it - Arr they are funny arn't they, I couldn't be without mine.



Andrea/Jack said...

Jack was soooo excited to see his name on the Dog Blog and was grateful for the recognition of his bravery. After a play with his friends, Jack has often commented that he feels ‘some’ members of the gang mistake his heroic and exuberant nature as maybe… naughtiness?!! Thank you Polly!

Polly said...

Jack you are my hero, and it makes my day to see you on the field, what naughtiness? Until we meet again