Friday, September 17, 2010

Pet bowling

Hi all

I haven't been able to get to the field the last few days, and was wondering if I had missed anything. Has anybody got a pet strike? Jack (my hero) had a near miss the other day, and hurt himself doing it, unlucky, any other human would have been down, my pet would have been!

For anyone who doesn't know, we play pet bowl's, when the pets are chatting away to each other, we 'play' chase and crash into them, and try to floor them! Maximum points for flooring more than one, I don't know if anybody has done that yet but I feel it won't be long, I think our technique is getting better. Flooring one gets 5 points, 2 points for getting more than one pet to dodge, and 1 point for getting one to dodge. I'll start to keep a record, someone else will have to take scores if I'm not there.

Winter is coming, I am lying in front of a crackling fire, one of my favourite pass times. All is surprisingly quiet in the house, even though the puppies are in, I have a boy who bounces off the walls, makes lots of noise, and is big on hugs. I am told that when they get a bit older they start sleeping all the time, and communicating in grunts - proper dog behaviour, so what happens, why do they get all active again when they grow up?

Hope I can get my pet out soon

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