Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Perils of naming your Dog

Firstly I'd like to say thanks to Anth for telling about this blog and asking me to join. I moved to Reabrook last Christmas so our visits down to the walk are limited to the weekends however there's always a friendly face whenever me and Rafa (more of him later) take up our weekly sojourn there. Today we met big head Ned.

Many of you will recognise Rafa as the Liver & White Springer Spaniel that can carry two balls in his mouth (see picture proof) and barks even when carrying said balls. Although I won't be troubling Simon Cowell with this feat of canine multi-tasking, it does draw curious glances or smutty smirks depending on how close you are to the inner adolescent

This takes me to the subject of my blog, naming your dog. Since the manager of Liverpool left last week I have been forced to answer two questions almost verbatim; Yes: he was named after Rafa Benitez and No: we're not planning to change his name. I was warned of this first peril when we chose his name however I persisted with the current sporting hero peril. I used to laugh at ManU fans taking Beckham for a walk, my best man living in Bolton constantly has to avoid the mess left by pooches called Sam and I hear the Kings Road still resounds to the barks of Jose.

Yet I wouldn't listen, Shankley didn't seem right for a Springer, Laura hated Kenny (the name not the man) and I couldn't see myself shouting Paisley across the field. Which leads me to the second peril of naming your dog; what does a dog's name sound like when you are desperately trying to call him/her back?

The name Rafa seemed to fit that bill perfectly, a good dog name has two syllables, Ra-Fa, everyone agrees that it is a good idea. However it has hasn't worked out that way. Rafa has become abbreviated to Raf, what's the problem with that? Try shouting Raf-Raf-Raf-Raf very quickly; that's right it sounds you're barking. As I try in vain to stop my dog chasing after a threatening cyclist, I start yapping at my own dog.

So next time you see a man barking at his dog, don't run away come over and say hello, neither of us bite

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