Monday, June 7, 2010

Oops! ...I did it again.

Lily has been up to her old tricks this weekend and managed to open up the webbing on her back paw again,  silly girl. So of we went to to try the services of Quarry vets today, based on lots of good reviews from all of you that have used them. We weren't disappointed, the staff were charming and the lady vet we saw prescribed a fairly simple treatment that involved a honey dressing, a good old fashioned bandage and a bit of mother nature style healing. So all in all a fairly painless visit to the vets for both Lily and her insurance company, fingers crossed.

We met a really cool duo on the field tonight who had just arrived from Paris, as usual I didn't catch the owners name, but his traveling companion a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael called Carilou? was absolutely beautiful, ball obsessed and more than a little Archie-Like in her mannerisms. They're visiting family in the area and are around for a few days, so if you see them give them a big Castle Walk welcome, and don't forget to mention Le Blog.

The big news of the week for those who followed my April posts, is that Coco the Greyhound has finally been rehomed, at last, wahaaay!!! As a result of the Moorlands open day and even a feature in the Shropshire Star, she's worked her charm on a new owner and bagged herself a life of luxury, good on you Coco, just a bit of advice though, try and steer clear of chewing up any expensive audio equipment till you've settled in properly, good girl!

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Sarah/Cadbury said...

Get well soon Lily...there is a new vets on the block due to open in a few months on Longden Rd, just past the Nuffield, Hendrick who has been looking after Cadbury stayed at our B&B when we first opened, is opening his own practise...but hopefully Lily wont need his services in the near future.