Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inca the bandit

I have just returned from a walk on the castle walk field with Coco, Sophie, Dylan and Sandy, we went out to enjoy the sunshine and play with a new toy, a whistling foam rocket. We met Inca on the field and much fun was had in and out of the water with a ball and the slow but sure destruction of the new toy which now resembles a half chewed rugby ball.

We were about to go home when Inca, egged on by the others, charged to the top field into some teenagers sat around enjoying the sunshine and a sneaky fag. Inca charged back down into the lower field with something in her mouth, hotly followed by the other dogs and lots of shouting teenage boys. Inca carried on down to the water, now hotly followed by myself, Sarah, Hannah my daugher, her friend Faye and about 3 teenage lads. Inca had stolen their cigarettes and decided to hide them in the river.. after destroying them with a few chews..

The lads were fine about it.. even though it was a full pack.. they were over 16 so I felt I should cough up some dosh to reimburse their loss.. I did point out the dangers of smoking but they said "yeah but its the world cup".. they were nice lads and all ended well, although it was an expensive walk.. one toy and a packet of fags down!

Ah, never a dull moment.. keeps you young!

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Gareth said...

When Rafa was a puppy he ate a packet of rizlas, I now no longer smoke.