Wednesday, May 5, 2010

52 dogs! Who's missing?

It seems to have been a bit of a rest week on the blog, as for one reason or another people have been unable to post. Very busy at work for me, but I have been able to take a few shots over the last few days and my efforts to capture Ebony, the Cocker/Lab cross jumping over the trees on the field, sort of paid off. I've added one of her flying leaps to the, 'cast of characters' along with two very beautiful dogs who go by the name of Finn (one 'n' or two?) and Will. Both are particularly handsome Lurchers and Nick and I agree that if you could build a dog from scratch, a kit-dog if you like, then it would probably be a bit like Fin(n). He's great! You'll hopefully see for yourselves should you be lucky enough to meet them on the field some time soon. The title to this post is "52 Dogs! Who's missing?" Obviously it's difficult to capture all of the characters who appear through the course of a day/week on the walk, but I'd be interested to hear from anyone who believes that certain regulars are still missing from the portrait gallery, as I'd hate to miss anyone out. Dogs aside, no post from me would be complete without a plea for more of you owners to get involved with our little blogging initiative and share your stories, experiences, dog treat recipes (Katie!), whatever, and help keep things ticking along. The number of hits (see bottom of page) shows that plenty of people are following along but we would still love to see more contributors. So, if you haven't blogged yet, then make this the week you get on board!
The accompanying picture, by the way, is Elsa the Rhodesian Ridgeback and I think she's just spotted a lion. All the best all. See you soon.

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Nick Turner said...

Fantastic "worms eye" view of Elsa, but come on mate that picture of Ebony, you've just rotated it through 90 degrees and stuck some trees in the background on photoshop, shame on you!