Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful River Walk with a bit of Litter thrown in.

This morning Cadbury and I took a lovely walk along the river its was just beautiful, no one around just the calm river with a life bouy ring gently floating toward the weir...(reminds me I need to report that). We really are lucky to have such a beautiful little spot right on our doorsteps, as we strolled back along the grass I threw the ball which Cadbury loves to chase, it landed right by 2 plastic bags and a bottle of beer, I picked them up put them in the bin by the play park, threw the ball again toward the little collection of trees this time, which provided welcome shade only to find the ball had landed by 2 plastic drinks containers and various wrappers so again I did the decent thing and put them in the bin!!...I know Boris the owner of Della, does a lot of litter collecting and thankyou to him. The End Sarah

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Nick Turner said...

Well said Sarah, we are indeed priviledged to have such a lovely area right on our doorstep, and I for one would rather pick up a few bits of litter to maintain it as a clean and safe place for us all to enjoy.