Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been tonight to have my post op at the vets. I then heard the dogs on the field and mum took me along to have a play. I am growing very quickly now weighing 14.4 kilos so I am hoping some of the bigger dogs will soon except me as I grow out of my puppy play which they find very annoying. I am sure I shall be just the same with puppies when I get older. I did have a good time tonight though. Cadbury came for a short while, I am bigger then him now so we had a good role around (not many dogs I can role about). Hope I did not hurt him when I sat on his head.

Archie and Missy were chasing the ball, but I have already learnt that I will get a good telling off if I get in Archie's way, so I am biding my time to join in with them. I just watch looking for weaknesses in their technique so I can have a chance at getting the ball in a few months time,

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