Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About me....

My name is Kobe and I have a big family!

Pete, Allison, Daniel, Georgie, Tash and Tan

They are great for walking me, giving me cuddles and most importantly, lots of treats to eat!

What do you need to know about me?

well... I love water, anytime and anywhere! But i hate Bees! thats probably because i tried to eat one and it stung me in the mouth. (cost my mum £80 to take me to the vets because my family were soo worried!) Cats are ok... we generally have a love-hate relationship, some days they chase me, other days i chase them.

Most of the time I just sleep (apparently it's because i am growing really fast) But when i do go for a walk, I like to carry the lead in my mouth myself, if i am not allowed to i tend to jump up and try to get it..... everything is a game to me :D

What are my Interests???
My Favourite film is Marley and Me! But i don't like the end when he dies.
My favourite book is Twilight, my owner Georgie reads it to me every night.
My favourite food is probably Chicken! if i am lucky Daniel will give me some without my mum seeing... she doesnt like me to have "tip bits" ooh and sausage... yum yum

I will try to keep you updated on my busy life... I am of to Pembrookshire next week, can't wait to go in the Sea! I have heard its 10 times bigger than the river severn.

Keep it real.........Kobe x

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