Sunday, May 23, 2010

Everybody loves the sunshine... (except perhaps Ted!)

Spare a thought for this big fella as we all enjoy the sunshine this weekend. This is Ted and he's one of the first dogs Archie ever met, over three years ago. I took this shot when we bumped into him on Lyth Hill last week and he's a big lad who looks like he's desperate for a swim. Hopefully he'll head to the walk soon and take a dip just by the weir with all the other characters who like to get wet and cool off at the first opportunity! Archie's already been in a couple of times over the weekend and anyone who has seen him in the water will know just how much he enjoys it and the odd games he plays while he swims.
It's been an odd week on the walk as the headlines have been grabbed by unsavoury goings on involving, "local youths". Well done to all involved in keeping the situation under control - you know who you are - and I'd also like to echo Sarah's thanks to Boris and everyone who does their bit to try to keep the fields as tidy as possible. Unfortunately I can't get my head around the kind of people who choose to spoil everything for the majority, but they will always be here so it's up to us to do what we can to keep the area as clean and safe as possible.
Moving on... please welcome Kizzy to the cast of characters! It's been a while since we've had a new face up there but I must admit it gives me great pleasure to see Border Collie numbers on the increase. That said, the Black Labs will always be a major presence and sooner rather than later, there may be another little visitor to the field although I'll leave any big announcements to the owners, as they may choose to make this the subject of their first blog post...? Apologies for going all cryptic but hopefully you'll find out all the details sooner rather than later! (See my previous post for massive clues!)
One last thing. For those of a certain age, have a look at "Blast from the past" on the video clips. Aaaaah! Those were the days...
Enjoy the sun.


Gareth said...

Blast from the past: The Littlest Hobo always made me cry, why wouldn't he stay with his new friend? Thanks for telling me about the blog, just signed up

Anth said...

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by "London". Welcome aboard Gareth. Nice profile pic by the way. Maybe you could use a bigger version to accompany your first post... Rafa's a good-looking lad.