Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back on the Walk...

It was good to be back on the walk today and good to catch up with one or two people we haven't seen for a while. Unfortunately, due to a software problem (that I should be able to sort out next week), there is no accompanying photo to this post. I have quite a few mugshots to add to the 'cast of characters' and promise to do this as soon as I can. Notable individuals 'coming soon' include super athletic Jack the Jack Russell, not so athletic (but equally cool) Jack the Collie and his partner in crime, Monty who also has plenty of collie in him. Add to this Mel's dog Joe and the gallery will be looking pretty full in the next few days.
Thanks for the comments on all of the photos by the way. Best one so far has to be Richard who thanked me today for showing Missy at her best and "leaving out her hips and waistline". She's a great dog and given the throwing arm of her master should quickly run off any excess as the days get warmer! Speaking of warmer days, the forecast is great for tomorrow so we'll maybe see one or two of you either on the field or on some other fine walk in the Shire. Enjoy it wherever you are!

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