Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flower power

This fine weather we have been enjoying has certainly kick started things in the garden this week. The weeds are doing very well indeed, but in amongst them are some of my favourites, the Tulips, and this Apricot Parrot pictured here never fails to impress.
Lily has been enjoying the garden this week too as she recovers from her minor procedure at the vets on Wednesday, which resulted in a not so minor bill, but hey ho, she's on the mend and should be back to chasing all her chums around the field in no time. Look out for some new faces appearing on the Cast of Characters soon too, as Anth has been snapping away furiously this week trying to bag shots of a few regulars who have so far eluded him. And welcome aboard the new kid on the block, an adorable Dalmation pup who's name we're not sure of, but he sure is cute, so Kobe you better watch out!. Anth has also captured a fantastic video clip of Missy the Black Lab launching herself into the river recently, resulting in several sightings of the Severn Bore further down stream! No offence Missy, but it was quite a spectacular belly flop and very funny to watch. Sadly, there was no photographic evidence from last night when Sarah's Coco decided to lay claim to a six foot long 40 pound tree branch and proceeded to attack it like a speed fueled beaver, reducing half of it to dust within minutes!
It looks like there's going to be a good turn out for the Haughmond Hill walk tomorrow, so if you're going don't forget to put a few quid in your pocket as it is a fund raising event for a very worthy cause.

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