Thursday, April 8, 2010


Woof to all my furry friends, it was nice to see you earlier tonight on the castlewalk and you may have noticed i seem to have spring fever!!! NO lead and NO running back home!
Mom(Lynn) says it's lovely to own me again! I act daft but she thinks i understand everything she says which i do,but when you see her just humour her ok!
It was my birthday on easter Sunday and i was 5 so i decided i'd better show my age but i'm a fine weather girl really and we all love a run and romp and a chase after the ball in the sun don't we mates.By the way i've missed Archie lately so if your on your hols i hope your mom & dad are behaving and your having a good time?
Nice to see you Jack your more ball mad than any of us there and Lily you can run for Britain,well i'm off for a full stretch behind the settee and abit of a kip as we all do,so until tomorrow woof woof,slurps, Sophie!

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Nick Turner said...

Welcome to the blog Sophie, and a happy belated 5th birthday, you don't look a day over four and a half! It was lovely to see you with the sun on your pretty face tonight. Keep the posts coming and see you on the field.