Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fostering Coco - Day 5

Just a brief blog as emotions are running quite high in our house tonight. Tomorrow is Cocos last day with us, as we must return her to Moorlands Greyhound Rescue. If only we had a bigger house, car and bank balance she would be more than welcome to stay, but we only set out to foster her and must stick to the task. She is an amazing little dog, so bright, so loving and so ready find a permanent home. Sure, she was very naughty to start with, just due to anxiety, but the change in her over the last 5 days has been nothing short of miraculous. Tomorrow she will have some nice roast chicken in her breakfast as a last day treat, followed by a long walk up Lyth Hill, and then back to Moorlands. But we couldn't return her without her favourite toy Fanny the Flamingo (Katies choice of name!), pictured above. 

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