Friday, April 2, 2010

Duvet day for Lily

Looks like Lily wants a duvet day today, little does she know we're off to Condover Greyhound Rescue to maybe foster a dog for the week. Fostering just gives the dog a break from kennel life and gives valuable feedback to the center about which home would suit it in the long run. We visited Condover yesterday and chose two possible candidates, Springy, who's a beautiful calm boy with a rather big bump on his head, or Mona, who's lovely and gentle. So today we're taking Lily over to meet them and let her decide. We haven't fostered before so watch this space for an update of how we get on.

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Anth said...

Good luck with all of that mate. Lil's got the right idea as well today. Not nice out there at all. Maybe catch you later though.