Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fostering Coco - Day 4

This was taken on our morning walk through town and the Quarry, we met the most beautiful black rescue greyhound called Hella, also from Condover, her owners seemed quite taken with Coco when we told them her story. Who knows, they may just be tempted to make room for another?

Our photographer in residence Anth and the ever present Archie are off up North this week to spend time with family. I for one will really miss his posts and additions to the growing 'Cast of Characters', fabulous images Anth, you must have a really good assistant!

Our evening walk today was not without incident. As Coco can not be trusted off the lead, we took her to one of the few local fields that we know to be totally enclosed to let her have a run. We closed the gate behind us and let her and Lily off, neither were very energetic, so after 20 minutes of sniffing we headed back to the car. At this point Coco started to really motor towards the gate. I was 30 yards from it and she was about 100, but really flying. I had seen her leap  over a stable door at the kennels,  so just wanted to get there first to be on the safe side and block her path. Obviously she got there first, and to my horror I saw that the gate had been left open by a young lad who had entered the field earlier. Open gate, flat out greyhound and very busy road to run on to, not good, my heart was in my mouth. I headed through the gate and saw her running ahead of me on the pavement, as calmly as I could I called out her name, she stopped dead,  pricked up her ears, and ran towards me. That bit of recall training we have been doing with her this week probably saved her life tonight. 

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