Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long walks and home made aeroplanes...

Lily an me hooked up with Anth and Archie this morning and decided to make the most of the glorious weather by walking the loop of the river, stopping to let Archie cool off with his own very special style of swimming. When we got home two hours of the day already evaporated,  so it was time to  to turn my thoughts to more practical matters, like building something. 
That something was a patio heater which we had received as a wedding gift last year and which had been languishing in its over sized box, taking up half the shed for nearly a year. Tools box at the ready,  I started to unpack the bewildering assortment of components. There seemed to be enough stainless steel rods, sheets of aluminium, valves, nuts, bolts and washers to build a modest light aircraft. I didn't even want a patio heater, never had, but I would not be defeated. The instruction manual had been faithfully translated from Chinese into a language that vaguely resembled English, but only just. "Step One : Removing from the box and seeing the 4 discs of reflection K10.4, attach to main house K10.5 using the bolt, washer and screw K10.6 assembley in Figure 1." Figure 1  was in fact illustrated by the same hand that had written the Lords Prayer on a grain of sand, only smaller. And so it continued, but an hour later I had a gleaming tower of stainless  steel patio heater... 5 leftover washers, 3 bolts and a headache.
So it was good get out and see a few familiar faces down on the field, Archie of course, Lotty, "Big Head" Ned, Lola, Missy and a rather trim looking Joe were all out doing their thing tonight. All in all a good showing, for what turned out to be quite a chilly evening as the cloud came over, oh for a nice patio heater!

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One eyed dog said...

Can I have your patio heater please.. thats if you havent broken it putting it together. Maybe you should get Lily to give you a hand. I have a more basic Ray Mears chimnea thing, it doesn't need any putting together but I am not sure if Dylan would survive the lighting of it.