Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fostering Coco - Day 2

What a beautiful Spring day, I just couldn't resist posting a picture of our Japanese Maple just coming in to leaf, quite a spectacular sight.

But there was no time to relax this morning as Coco seemed intent on first chewing and then gathering all our possessions together in her bed - wellies, slippers, TV remote, countless cushions and Katies shoes to name but a few. In her world it seems she is a guest of honour at one of Heston Blumenthals edible feasts, and the theme is our house and all it's belongings! We managed to tire her out a bit on a a two hour walk and she actually slept for most of the afternoon upon our return. Coco is one very clever little dog, and if proof be needed, she has responded really well to basic recall training after only 48 hours with us, although she may be forgiven for thinking her name is "Coco NO!!!". All in all fostering has been really good fun so far, I would urge anyone who has a bit of space and time to consider it, but be warned, it can be quite an emotional experience, we had a few tears last night at the thought of taking her back to Moorlands. We just hope that our feedback will give her a better chance of being re-homed soon, she really needs it.

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