Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Growing up fast...

Pictured right are three of the younger members of the Castle Walk Pack / Gang / Cast of Characters having a right old time on the field this morning. It's really interesting to see how the different age groups and breeds respond to each other. As you might expect the younger dogs discover each other pretty quickly and
Elsa the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Molly the Chocolate Lab and everybody's favourite puppy Kobe, continue to learn some valuable lessons as far as social skills are concerned each time they visit the field. Archie hasn't got a lot of time for the younger dogs and although happy to referee any tussles and keep a certain level of order, any pups that get too close usually get a bit of a growl and that usually gets his point across. This said, I like to think he's got the best interests of all concerned at heart and it is just him demonstrating his typical Border Collie desire for everything to be organised and ordered. Lily, on the other hand, responds to the younger dogs in a far more playful way but has an interesting take on the limits of play sometimes... Once again though, it's all good, clean fun and never gets out of hand. One dog that behaved totally differently around the boisterous youths this morning was Missy. She was loving it and was a kid herself all over again, charging around like her life depended on it - great to see. All in all, another very pleasant trip to the field and one big load of fun for some very lucky dogs.

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