Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi Furry Friends (& owners!)
Well my mom has finally got the posting sorted, many thanks to Nick & Anthony,she says it was a user defect!! I'm saying nothing!!
So the view from my eye level! It was a shock to come accross a pair of ankles belonging to Helen,Ben was indifferent(i'm sure he's playing on the deafness lark at times) but Helen in a skirt, summer is coming YES!running & dips in the river lovely & Nick you are tall but thanks for coming down to my height to fuss me,Anthony i hope you got my " regal look"one has to keep up apperances you know and it was nice to see you looking better after the weekend.Lily love i hope your paw heals quickly i love to see you running for us all & please, please try to be careful our mom's & dad's fret loads,honestly.Tally babe i love the new look of the scarf very cute,very you and Archie after a good nights sleep you'll be fine tomorrow we're allowed to have an off day just like our owners ha!ha! I've had my pre tea dog nap,posted the blog & now off to have my tea as theres abit of lamb lurking there and a mad few mins with my rubber duck and mom,as you do! Woof until next time,Sophie!

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