Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fostering Coco - Day 1

Well, she's arrived, our new foster dog Coco, and what a little beauty she is. "She loves her toys and is quite a character" was how the Greyhound Rescue described her, which literally translated means, "She chews everything in sight except her toys (does any one know where I can purchase a replacement cable for a Bose sound dock?) and she's got more energy than the National Grid! She's quite a handful to say the least, but she's so affectionate and just wants to be fussed, constantly. It's quite clear that she's ready for a 'home for life' now, probably someone experienced who doesn't mind spending some time training her and who will be rewarded with a really super dog. I'm off to dog proof the rest of the house now, wish me luck and watch this space.

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Anth said...

She is lovely and well done to the pair of you for helping her out. She looks very innocent in the second pic(this could be the one that helps her get a home). All the best for the rest of your time together!